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Principal Message

Give the world the best you have, the best will come back to you. The world is like a mirror. It merely gives the reflection of own. Our success and failure depend upon great deal on our thoughts and actions. Apart from it we must not forget that good friends play very vital role in our life. To win and make real and lasting friendship is an art. We need months and many years to gain a true friend.

One single careless word spoken in anger or hate is enough to destroy even true friend. While living the life one must be careful in all acts. Don’t be in haste. It is well known fact that life goes on it does not stop. Thus we all need to be aware that we have to say good bye and must always remember that this world is not ours the people around us are not ours they are only temporary. What is of ours today will be of others tomorrow only those who leave great legacy in the form of conduct, character, virtue and goodness are only remembered. It gives a very clear picture to us that we must try our best to do everywhere, where we are with what we have. Learning is a lifelong process. One keeps learning throughout one’s life.

It is indeed an honour to work in one of the most philanthropic organizations (S.G.R.R. Education Mission Darbar Sahib Jhanda Darbar Dehradun) of the world. The mission has been flourishing under the command of a very noble, farsighted, very intellectual, visionary and charismatic leader (Dr. Devendra Das Ji Maharaj). Under his able guidance the mission has been flourishing in leaps and bounds. His vision is very clear. His command is very inspirational. I pray to almighty illumine my intellect and inspire me towards righteous path. May SHRI JHANDA SAHIB, GURU SATTA and HIS EXCELLENCY shower blessings upon us.

The core belief of S.G.R.R. Public School Hardoi is to provide value based and creative education beyond academics.

The school believes in holistic approach (every entrant). As far as I am concern, I believe firmly that conduct is the most precious which have got no comparison. A man of conduct/ character is far better than a very very intelligent person. At last I pray to lord Krishna to bless all of us.

Mr. Jitendra Kumar Sharma
M.A. (English & History), B.Ed & TET
SGRR Public school Hardoi
Sahabad Road
Hardoi, UP


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